Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Adventure is . . .

Mary Ann Evans, aka George Eliot once said, “Adventure is not outside man; it is within.”  

It’s like saying we need only to look closely with our senses to discover new worlds.   

See through the black veil of closed eyelids to see new colors.  

Imagine realities that neither fades nor distort with the ripples that dare muddle our perception. 

What if somehow we can close our eyes and see the same things?  

Wouldn’t that be great?  

We see the same rock.  We see the same sky.  We feel the same raindrops that pitter-patter our skins.  We imagine the same winding trail and tread on it.

Sometimes a trail marker that wasn’t there at first glance suddenly becomes apparent.  Was that your imagination messing with mine?  

Weren’t there olives on your pizza?  I swore I saw them.  And why is my slice loaded with olives?  My imagination must be weakening versus yours?  Sharing the same worlds in our minds feels super good.    

What if we open our eyes and then see the same things?