So…I've decided to add this new page which maybe all about other stuff ! Sounds exciting ! I'm quite psyched on it as it will keep tabs on how much evolving goes on inside my skull ! 

Like it says . . . I N S I G H T S . . .  so,  actually these things in here will all be personal and as a disclaimer I'm already saying you don't have to believe any of it ! Hahaha! Genius or Nonsense, it's all up to you.  Comical but with a hint of truth or a hint of truth delivered thru a nonsensical way ! 

O.K.  so let's go on with it !

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August 29, 2012

While trying to open a bottle of jam during breakfast, I found it hard to open the lid !  It was stuck ! I tried to think, "Damn, I'm gripping small pinches and crimps but I can't open the lid on the st*p#d jar." Tried for some time feeling challenged!  No luck! I set it down and then remembered pounding the jar's lid on the corner of the table.  Something geeky - this is a way of "waking" up the molecules.  The small particles are instigated to move rapidly and so they are dislodged and the jar's lid pops open easily.  Simple science.

In climbing, it's difficult pulling coming from rest or from a very sluggish day.  Hard problems and hard start routes makes you feel like a tightly capped jar.  Pound yourself all over like the lid to wake up the muscles!  This is actually done in Aikido as pre-warmup.  I'd like to call it "Hammering the Spirit".  If it looks and feels all too weird though, just warmup easy.  Degree of warmup depends on how sluggish or tight you feel.  The tighter your muscles feel, the easier going the warmup should be and the longer it will take to get you all fired up.  Hammering hard off-the bat will break the jar.  Ease into it until the "passion is awake."

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September 3, 2012

Maybe 2 points today.   One - It just occurred to me, while looking at some of the Mahogany trees around where I live, the ones spaced closer together seem to grow taller faster than the ones standing alone.  It must be the sunlight they're fighting for.  The ones closer together seem to joust for better position to get more sun and so they all keep rising up higher.  The ones standing alone branch out laterally and so provides more shade and are generally bigger of girth.   How to apply that to daily human life or to climbing is fairly simple I don't really need to explain.  Translating every insight could get old fast so I leave this one to you.

Two - I used a toothpick to thread an old shoe lace through small eyelets, what they're called I'm stumped.  I'm just stoked that a small toothpick can be used for so many things other than picking food off in between teeth.   Made me remember my old Aikido Sensei telling the class, "One technique mastered to perfection is better than knowing a lot but knowing them half baked."  Could be true for climbing as well !  Hahaha, everything is still about climbing ! Behold the mighty toothpick !  One small stick for a lot of purposes.  It can even hold up your burger !

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September 14, 2012

A lone wild mushroom grew under the shade of the Mahogany tree at the backyard a week ago.  Took it, ate it and didn't die.  Of course I did get some unguarranteed help assessing if it's o.k. - still 50-50.  Gahhh !?  I'll keep my insight on this one because 50% of it sounds stupid.  The other 50%, well, the act speaks for itself doesn't it.

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September 18, 2012

Not too long since the last post on this but anyhoo…I should lest I forget.  "The Middle Way".  Haven't really read much about it nor have I fully immersed myself to study Buddhism.  I've seen the boulder problem in Hampi but never have touched it nor visited it.   Here's my own take or at least how I understand it. It's - Going in between of,  The way of neither extremes,  Treading on the fine line separating two planes of existence.  The massage last weekend sort of awakened me…yes, pain vs. pleasure.  There is a fine line separating the two.  While it is sort of painful, getting that spot hit just felt so right.  Failure and success feels the same.  Last night I totally failed on some of the boulder problems.  Is it really success if you only manage to stick a problem after so, so, so many, many tries?  But yes, I got to finish it and it certainly felt good.  The quick ramification will leave you to believe, yes, I'm weak and I failed, but really?  Finishing a long time project too is a success no matter how long it takes.  I believe in this kind of thinking and living.  It takes away the burden of personal expectations which sometimes can lead to constant turmoil.  

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September 25, 2012

Today's science are tomorrow's non-sense like yesterday's science are today's non-sense. Probably the same with history, facts, rules etc... etc... How cool is that !?    Amusing how the world revolves.  "Be water my friend" - Bruce Lee.  Powerful.

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Haven't any good reflections as of late.  Life happens ...

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