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Hola! Mi nombre es Dennis Díaz.  Je suis un grimpeur.  E 'la mia passione. 

I come from the Philippines in little San Mateo, Rizal humble Marikina, City by the river.  Like I said, I am a climber and it is my passion.  Short stout words that have been repeated many times over, sometimes to the point of gagging and choking.  Lack for better words leaves me with just that, I humbly apologize.  I've been climbing since 1998.  This writing is dated February  7th, 2012.  That is roughly 14 years.  Not bad . . .  This realization still leaves me though with a blank understanding of what had led me here. All I know is, I enjoy climbing to the point of obsessing over it.  While not climbing, I think about climbing, take pictures of climbing, talk about climbing and write about climbing.  Climbing in itself isn't enough.

Climbing is about quieting the mind and just being able to focus on just one thing.  I know there are other ways to get into this one place, for me it's through crimping hard on rocks, hanging on for dear life or just going all out, letting go of everything just to catch the next pocket or edge.  Failure is nothing but a fall.  How you handle that fall will be your defining moment.  Luckily, I've stayed away from major injuries.  Though that fact is a comforting thought it does put a little bit of pressure.  Maybe I'm not trying hard enough.  I do, however, like working on projects better than on-sight. The falling off and the getting back on again gives me the impression I'm really working hard.  This makes the reward of finally getting to bag the redpoint much sweeter.  Something I could do though in two or three tries doesn't inspire me that much as I know I could have done it on-sight.  A highly valued gem for me sometimes goes after 20 or more tries.  Often times I go home without anything, which actually is a bit sad, but when the sending winds blows and carries me up to the very top . . . it does bring forth a very special memory.

Taking pictures and writing about climbing have become my next thing.  While my skills have yet to evolve, I am constantly trying to bring to the forefront Philippine climbing.  The constant battle  I fight though is the balance between shooting images and gunning the rope myself.  It becomes a difficult choice sometimes.  One good thing going for me though is I'm never content.  A trip isn't entirely complete without taking back home vistas and faces on print and over the web.  Words I write and stories I tell aim to share with others what's out there and hope to inspire more possibilities, more ways to live life.  Also, this may serve me well when my memory begins to fail me.

My "to go" book shelf on a random day.   I was fooling around with a newly found wide angle extension lens a few weeks back . . . I never thought I'd be posting this but it seemed quite fitting for this "about me" page. While it does not  include all the books I read, it does reflect a little bit of what's inside my bookshelves.

Thank you for visiting !  I hope our paths meet and we're able to connect thru climbing !

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