About Me

Hola! Mi nombre es Dennis Díaz.  Je suis un grimpeur.  E 'la mia passione.

Like I said, I am a climber and it is my passion.  Short stout words that have been repeated many times over.

But that's not the only thing I do. However, this blog started out to be just about climbing. Over the years it has become more than just that. I am also an avid photographer, an Aikidoka, and an urban designer. They all need a place here now.

These four sums up what I am. They all involve creativity and the expression of different forms of art. Climbing is about quieting the mind and just being able to focus on just one move at a time. Photography involves the framing of specific scenes narrowed down or widened to involve their entire contexts. Aikido is the study of action and reaction. And urban design, finally I believe, is the epitome of all these and allows for a lot of giving back to people.

I'm well aware that my own personality will leak through this blog. That is fine. After all, what is a story without a personal touch. Many of the words that go in here will be reminders and keep sakes for me and for others who have one way or another crossed paths with me. These will come in handy when the time comes when memories start fading from minds. 

Memories are worth saving, good or bad. In times like today's, when attention spans are dwindling, multi-tasking is becoming the  absolute norm, and the inevitability of change is predictably high and fast, I'd like to slow down and just simmer. From time to time soaking and reflecting on words and stories become a novelty I like to cherish.

Thank you for visiting !  I hope our paths meet and we're able to connect thru climbing, photography, Aikido or through the practice of urban design !

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