Friday, June 20, 2008

Focus . . .

. . . it's a state of being attuned to just one singular purpose, a decisively intentional mindfulness of shutting off everything else around you and being in the moment of your exsistence.  I envy those people who have this singular purpose.   The quiet mind and the solitude percieved by these people sends them to an eternal connection with the energies of the universe.   It is no wonder I think that the phrase "good vibes"  has so much more meaning than just the phrase itself.

In this day and age of multi-tasking and fast paced life it is difficult but not impossible to share in this peace.  For me it's through climbing and sometimes the intense moves of bouldering that automatically sends me to a quiet mind state.  Also, sometimes during runs and long swims this energy becomes available to me.  

It becomes a constant search for this place that keeps me moving.  When a problem or a route becomes easy, there is always a point where the mind wanders off.  Sure it's still fun but the more a problem gets harder or a route becomes more tenuous the more I feel closer to focus, the more I feel closer to staying within a quiet place.  It's an addictive state.

A harder way for this though is my tea or coffee.  It's a good practice to just sip  it in and just not think of anything.  A blank mind is a happy mind and one cup a day of this total blankness is sometimes intoxicating.  
The easiest way? Beer, wine and alcohol but that is a totally different approach and there's just so much more of this topic that I alone can't fully cover.  

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Focusing and Unfocusing

It's been close to a month of trying not to go climbing.  It's hard focusing to unfocus on climbing.  The rest has taken me back to running and swimming mostly.  The weather feels right for late afternoon runs and early evening swims.  Although I miss climbing, I must admit that my diversions have been really interesting.  My runs take me along the streets I used to walk on from school as a child.  The trees have really grown, the small flowers from the fire trees line the asphalt streets and the afternoon chill from the late afternoon rain always become good enough inspiration to get out and run.  Swimming at the nearby lap pool also brings a different draw.  Hmm, needless to say there are so many gorgeous things that can be seen pool side.

Of course I'll be going back climbing.  It has to be soon too.  I've a trip that hopefully becomes reality and I want to get really focused on climbing to get fit for it.  It's going to be harder again I'm sure as I've once again drowned in a new kind of high.  I'm sure I'd miss my runs and swims once I switch back to climbing mode.