Thursday, July 2, 2009

High on the Edge

High on the Edge

There is no doubt that climbing has been a big part of my life.  Sometimes though I hear climbers say theyve been climbing for more than half of their lifetime and this makes me feel like a baby.  I would love to find myself answering the unavoidable question, How long have you been climbing,  in the same manner someday.  11 years seem long but for me I havent even touched base of what I would consider the full immersion into climbing.

Ive been out there hanging onto these edges  for a full 11 years and a half but I feel not much really has there been any full-on expression of what the experience is like.  At least not locally.  There are competitions and rock-trips but those are mostly appreciated only byclimbers.  What meets the public eye is a thin layer of ice, never whats beneath it.

It just occurred to me, maybe, maybe it wont be too bad to publish some cutting edge climbing photos that would tell stories in single frames.  A lot of photos have been flying around in local web pages and its kind of like in a closed loop.  It might be good to share some of these experiences onto a bigger circle.

I guess that’s the whole point of having this kind of an event.  Photos are meant to be seen and to have each photo convey a feeling, solicit a reaction or deliver a sensation is an even bigger accomplishment. To see past beyond lighting, color and effect would be a great effort. It is much like being able to appreciate fine art and the whole package of emotions the painter puts in every stroke.

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