Monday, December 27, 2010

As it should be

As it should be

Formless.  There is simply nothing profound of what can be said here.  There are days when there is a continuous flow of ideas that rush up the neurons enveloping my brain.  It’s those days that I wish I had pen and paper or have myself sitting infront a blank word document. Today is not one of those days. I’m still waiting for a good thought…

I’m waiting for Faith’s food to cool before I can serve my finicky four legged friend her meal. She’s always picky about her food. Though sometimes it makes her cute, it’s not always the circumstance.  She barks at me when she doesn’t like what she sees, or smells, or tastes. She would cower down and plant her nose in between her forelegs as I try to spoon her some food to help her get started.  She does get all the attention she wants when she wants it. Even this writing isn’t intended for her but she manages to creep in here…

The year is close to an end and a bright new one will begin in just a few days.  Posting this time frame allows me to focus on finishing some writing before the year ends.  The year has once again been kind and has allowed me to see lots of amazing things. 

Climbing, travelling, shooting photos for sponsors, attending a photo shoot for sponsors, travelling some more, climbing some more… right, feeding faith, taking her for shots… hmm… alright, I’m out… suddenly I just feel like a blank wall. 

What else could there be to write about?  It feels though much of my time revolves around climbing.  It seems like the perfect thing for me.  Though sometimes, it gets me into trouble. I’m just glad there is always a way around it and I’m blessed with some amount of good fortune.  If ever there was something like a character life card, or something close to a basketball stat card for me, mine would have “luck = 8/10”.  What I feel though is, which also is a bit bothering, am I doing what I’m really supposed to be doing?   Weird thought, but every once in a while I’m faced with the question.  Right… so you get born, go to school, play, grow old a bit, attend school some more, play some more, grow old a bit some more, get married, have kids and then you pass down the same question, you continue your path, ask the question to yourself again…  In between all these there should be a greater purpose.  Or is there?  I’ve been to the family reunion a few days ago.  I saw all the grandpas and grandmas and wondered what’s on their minds?  Have they answered that same question?  There’s good food on the tables, kids running around and the number of cousins, nephews and nieces continue multiplying by the dozen.  Our linage came from a family of farmers and it seems like a big leap to find ourselves, after three decades, celebrating our reunion on the roof deck of one of my cousin’s own building.  An impressive leap, considering the roof deck is on the 5th/ 6th floor! That is a pretty big leap from the ground.  So maybe they’ve seen this progression and already have answered in a big part the question they needed to answer. So what else is there to answer?  Like always, as I’ve learned from economy class in high school, man is by nature insatiable.  It indeed doesn’t stop there. 

The family is evolving into different directions and I’m still unsure if what I have will be something which qualifies as evolution.  But… what feels good should be good.  It’s a radical way of thinking and some may even say it’s quite brave and, to an extent, foolish. This is the way I grew up and changing this point of view isn’t easy. So…therefore, if climbing feels good, it must be good.  All those who have opened up their minds through rapid brain activity could fully understand this.  The many ways to express this cannot simply fit on a single piece of A4.  We should just leave it at that…  just like Nike’s motto, “Just do it,”  it can be explained in numerous ways but in the end, when your neurons are all numb, you come back to the same line…”Just do it.”

Anyways, while going around tables and greeting everyone happy holidays, one of my cousins asked when I would be moving into the new house. He asked whether I’d be putting up a climbing wall up there.  So I answered, why not?  Interesting thought… Shortly after, a nephew of mine told me he’d trim down and then expressed intent in joining me for some climbing.  I quickly recall one of my high school teachers during a reunion saying “keep doing what you do, it’s an inspiration to us all.” These thoughts just keep popping up.  If these are clues, they have been laid down fairly obvious not to be picked up on.     
I think I’ve dug too deep a hole already that it will be difficult to crawl out off.  It might be easier now to just keep digging until I can burrow out the other side of the sphere.  So…  climbing it is.  You need not doubt it.  Best be prepared now for the full length of the digging.  If others will follow they should be bringing their own headlamps.  The tunnel is long and dark.  But, as they say… it will be an adventure!  

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