Monday, December 31, 2012

A little bit of Spain, America and Japan in Cebu

Ferdinand Magellan, Cebu, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu are all names written in Philippine and World history. Antonio Pigafetta, the Italian chronicler of the Spanish Expedition in search of the Spice Islands, made sure he got the names right.

Spanish influence in Philippine culture is indelible. Our churches, language, food, fiestas and siestas are all rooted on Hispanic architecture, tastes and Christianity.    

Climbing culture though is still, Pinoy. There is always fun loving, carefree climbing...but once in a while . . ."A Muerte !"
O.k. . . . so once in a while a little American too.  Democracy, a State-side ideology that influenced Philippine Politics, is perhaps too early or perhaps too late.  (Dissecting into that topic further will only serve to confuse.) General MacArthur, Spanish-American War . . . again names in World History.

A mini-van?  So there you have it . . . a little bit of Japanese thrown in the mix. Ninja culture?  Not bad  . . . World War II, Pacific World War . . . Again these references are tied up with Philippine History.

So, I think there you have it, the Pinoy . . . a confused bunch.  It's my own perspective but still worth the mention.  It's not that bad actually. It's a culture with too many "baggage" in tow but it does bring forth a people who are left with a lot of character.  A struggle is born but once in a while . . .

A Muerte !!!
Come on !!!
Gamba !!!
Pinoy climbing is like that.  Maybe it's a bit confused.  Do you want to push hard? Do you want to "Siesta" on it?  Do you keep it Zen?  It all depends  on the climber I guess.  In the end though, whichever path you decide to take, climbing will still be climbing, plain and simple.  But do take it anyway you want and make it yours until it becomes you. 

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