Monday, March 17, 2008

Expanding climbing

Rock climbing, bouldering, sport climbing, competition climbing, deep water soloing, trad climbing, aid , they all are as varied as they can get.  Each one defined by a specific aspect of the climb and each has its own charm.  But for whatever its worth, all of them still constitute a basic reality.  All of them still focus on the ascent and, as simple as it can get, they all require you to haul your ass up from the ground on a vertical path.  I have been on this path for a little more than 10 years and still climbing has always been new and ever expanding.  The limits of where to go next are pushed out further and further.  You could go bouldering and then do deep water soloing, join a competition or do some lead on some 30 meter routes or whatever suits you and all of them are unlimited.  New climbing areas are being discovered and the rates at which these areas are being developed are getting faster and faster.  Access becomes a minor issue as more and more climbers are willing to go great lengths, trail blazing and setting up routes even on remote reaches.  The places to go are vast and limited only by your ability to create the time for it or fund yourself for the journey. 

My journey into this world of climbing is an endless one.  I can not see myself ever running out of places to go and rocks to climb and though the act of climbing itself becomes the ultimate goal or finishing a route being the definitive act of accomplishment, the search for the boulder or the search for the line you want to climb is actually already a big part of it .  For me being able to get to the right setting at the right time, seeing a pretty place, a pretty face and being amongst people with lots of energy for the climbing is already a reward in itself.

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