Thursday, March 6, 2008

Simply Climbing

I am thankful for the many things climbing has become, even for a select few people, in the Philippines.  I like the way it has given an alternate path on which children and adults alike could tread on for them to express themselves both physically and mentally.  It has taught a few some life lessons;  how to get along with each other, and how to respect the other person.  It has made some people more accepting of their own and another's weakness.  It made some realize what they can and cannot do, what is an immediate possibility and what needs incessant effort.  It’s also noteworthy to say that it has also brought contour and symmetry to the climber's body which is already more than what is needed to be said.

I like it too because, whether we like to admit it or not, it hurts when the skin on our finger tips burn, it hurts when the forearms tighten, and it hurts when the back muscles feel tired and pumped from constantly defying gravity. If it were all too comfortable and easy we wouldn’t have that same satisfaction for the climbing day's end like coming home from a fishing trip hefting a huge catch.

Climbing is, sure, just climbing but there is more to it than it’s simplicity.  Yes, we climb and say, "Get your ass up there and pull!," but there is more to be discovered about it.  Sometimes everything in climbing happens within seconds and split second decisions, an inch short of reach could feel like a yard, a huge handhold will sometimes feel entirely useless, and still a nib of a hold could sometimes spell the balance needed for an ascent.

Within climbing's simplicity lies a complex branching of further gifts I am thankful for.  Each gift it gives opens to more gifts, each revealing secrets; some in people, some in places, and some within the passion itself.  Climbing is simply climbing but in time, when one is ready, it reveals more of itself in perfect order. 

VX-Boulder Climbing Gym in Marikina, RIP 2006

"Red Dragon"- 8B, Yangshou, China

Left:  Dingle, Iloilo, Philippines
Right:  Lagen Island, El Nido, Philippines

Manalmon Bulacan, Philippines

Ceuse, France

Gran Boveda, Rodellar, Spain

Under "Familia Manson"- 8B+, Rodellar, Spain

World Cup Singapore, 2006

Left:  World Cup Singapore, 2006
Right:  Hong Kong Invitational Bouldering, 2002

Huguan Province, China, 2009

SEA Games, Palembang, Indonesia, 2011

Perticarra, Italy

Rodellar, Spain

Fosso' d'Llermo, Italy

KM4, La Trinidad, Philippines

Huguan Province, China

Sagpulon, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Left:  Cantabaco, Cebu, Philippines
Right:  Ambongdolan, Mt. Province, Philippines
Wawa, Montalban, Philippines

Wawa, Montalban, Philippines

Wawa, Montalban, Philippines

Wawa, Montalban, Philippines

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