Thursday, April 24, 2008

Layers . . .

It's amazing that sometimes, as a climber, I feel moments of strength and synergy, a time when everything goes well together in a single instant.  What seems so impossible becomes easy without knowing why or without totally paying attention to the problem.  I look at my hands and feel power and I feel so ruthless on the rock.  All that skin biting back at the rock instead of the rock telling you to back down.   

Most of the time however I'm always trying and sometimes I get to peel off layers of skin from trying too hard.  At times I get two or three bad flappers in ovelapping days.  Right now I'm looking at them, one already healed, one just drying up and one really raw one.  It makes me think and I'm amazed again.  These times when I feel weak and beaten up, when the pain swells up my brain, when I'm tired and wasted are the times that makes that single, effortless passing moment during a climb so grand.  I think if it's not for the number of times I fail on the rock or peel off layers of skin from my fingers I wouldn't appreciate climbing that well.

To feel weakness I think is the first part of feeling strength.  Hopefully though  I wouldn't get to  peel anymore layers of skin this week.  

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