Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 0 . . .

I just got the visa and tickets yesterday  for my odessey to Europe.  It was a long wait and I'm still to wait a few more days before the plane really starts me on my journey.  My flights got moved by three days and so I'm still here and starting to get really anxious.  Travelling alone presents a lot of intimidation.  There is that slight fear of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere where no one would understand you and running out of funds for the next lap of the journey.  But also, as a friend told me, there is a lot of experience to gain from going in solo.  It's also very reassuring when she said we as climbers are a very altruistic community and we can always find a friend.

The plan is to get to Orpierre first.  The routes there are nice and moderate.  It will be the perfect place go get aquainted with the rock in France.  I'll be staying at a friend's house and so the comfort I believe might be close to home.  After a few days I'll be enroute to Ceuse.  Fatima and I will be camping for 10 days.  Without that bed and the very cold nights, I could imagine not getting in so much comfort.  I'm still with people I know at that point and the worries aren't so impossing.  The next few weeks will find me wandering off to Rodellar or Siurana probably.  Anywhere in Spain would be cheap I think and mistakes there could be forgiving.  The first option was Millau for Gorge du Tarn but it's too expensive to be spending too much time in France alone.  But things could change and events lining the road might blow me to places which might be even better.

On the last week I fly off to Italy to meet with the Amici's.  Shane and Oscar will be there and Fats will fly in from the U.K. again to get in some climbing at Arco.  Sadly my visa only allows me 40 days and so I'll miss the Rock Masters by a day...I'll be flying off home Sept. 6th on the day the Rock Masters start.

Well, all these things aren't really that crisp and solid.  I'm sure there will be changes and they are more than welcome.  

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