Monday, July 7, 2008

Waiting game . . .

...waiting, waiting, waiting... it's been the story so far.  I just came back from the French Embassy and again after so much explanation I'm still to wait some more.  This visa has been occupying my mind so much.  I've still to get this "attestation d' accueil" from France and it might be another 2 weeks before it arrives.  

Good news though, the guy at the counter told me the visa has been granted and everything is just a matter of documentation and paper work.  Rules.  It's their rules and I think I have to play by it to get the visa.  

The trip promises a new world and to be prepared for it is something I can only hope for.  I've done what I could to be prepared but  it's best for me to just throw away all my expectations.  I'd want to carry out an agenda or what others might call a "tick list" for a hundred or so routes but then again I'm not to know how these things would go when I'm there.  It would be nice but it's not all that important as just being there and just climbing and taking things on a personal level.   

More waiting. . . I think I have to rest my mind and just climb at the gym . . . see how all this waiting is affecting my climbing . . . 

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