Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pitching for life...

Pitching for life…

Well, it's another fine day.  Raining, but still fine.  I'm now looking forward to some other things left undone.  Another visit to the new crag near Antipolo, maybe a short trip to China, and maybe think of something to follow-up on the recent exhibit.  Whatever will be good, I think.

Sometimes I reflect on these things and figure out what's with them.  It's kind of cool to see them as milestones but to think like that sometimes just boosts ego, so I try to not delve into that so much.  I'm just looking forward and forward.  People sometimes think what makes you are the things you've done, but I like to disagree.  It's what you want to go after that makes you.  The past becomes distant and will drown in the void soon enough.  It's what's ahead that should be left in the focus.

Right now there are still so many options.  Whichever to choose?  All roads leads to the same place I think.  It's this place called absolute realization, or the absolute truth.  It sounds blurry, but I guess everything is.   The point is to keep moving.  Pause, but keep the music runnin', then keep pitching until you got nothing left.  

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