Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Miyagi Style !!!

Training and home improvement are just about everything I do at the moment.  I'm definitely getting stronger, the team is getting stronger, the spirit is high and the outlook, nothing but positive.  Nothing to report from the frontlines though.  I haven't seen outdoor action for weeks!  Everything that has been going on has been happening within the confines of Power-UP TS.  Interval training, campus training, system board training . . . all the good stuff !  I'm a believer in these things !  

While home improvement has also taken much of my time, it also benefits my physical conditioning.  Mr. Miyagi would be so proud!  Wax-on, wax-off!!!  The constant up-down, left-right motion on relatively low resistance, ultra-high repetition motion I've been getting from wood work finishing has been very good for the shoulders and forearms.  Half a day working on woodwork burns so much calorie stores! It's the carpenter's workout!! The only drawback comes from the fumes.  Turpentine, lacquer and all those volatile fumes gets to me like vodka on a cold day!  Lesson - hydrate well when dealing with those things!  I think I lose 5 lbs. of sweat for 4 hours work !!!  I also feel extremely hungry by lunch time!  

If you fancy,  you can drop by the house and do some "training"!

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