Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Power-Up !!!

Power Up Center for Climbing & Fitness
Address: 690 Tandang Sora Avenue, Old Balara, Quezon City
(+632) 932-7273
It might have begun here . . . or maybe in some other space time when I dreamt about climbing.  But it's definitely where to go if you want your 1st dose of intoxicating energy you just can't let go ( that includes climbing ! )  They now have these cool offers which I think will be great to start your Dragon!  (and I'm not saying these because I climb there for free).  Truth be told !  Power-Up TS has been around for the longest time and though changes in the facilities progress in a snail's pace, the energy inside that box is tremendously viral !  It can infect you before you can say . . . before you can say . . . like I said, before you can say anything !!!  You go there for the energy !  It's priceless !!!

Check them out !

Word of CAUTION:

PARTY yourself into shape is not limited to the ZUMBA Class !!!  Ask the counter for details !!!

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