Sunday, March 11, 2012

Counting down memory lane

2012 - 2002 = 10.  At least that's how math sees it.  It's 10 long years since that first bouldering comp in Hong Kong.  A week from now I'll be on that same situation again, finding my heartbeat faster than usual, still trying to calm it down, again focusing on lasting the whole nine yards.  That year was a sweet one and I wish it could be the same again.  A lot has changed.  The boulder problems have evolved, the style, the wall setup, the crowd, the tempo… I'm 10 years older, the new climbers much, much younger, stronger…It would be very interesting to find out how I've evolved as a climber.  I'm still trying to push it, even to the point of braving and stepping too close the line of injury and frustration.  It may not be the best way to go about it, but it has been the way I've dealt with it and so far  it's been good.  

The many years have brought a lot of friends and whilst gaining some more there are times when friends also have to tread on their own.  The story goes on.  Everyone has their own  road.  This year I'll be traveling with a different team.  Good things I see from this team, I do.  We are building up for the 3rd Asian Beach Games.  June 2012… It's only a few months from now but already I've begun to feel much anxiety.  I have to temper myself further, calm the nerves before it gets the better of me.  This will be the first step of many.  
I've been in and out of Hong Kong almost yearly.  Besides the climbing . . . hardcore climbing shops here and there.  It's a luxury that fills a huge void in the Philippine outdoor scene. To this date there is not one solid, solid…and I mean solid cheap climbing bunker to buy your regular supply of climbing gear.  Shoes, harness, rope…In this region if you want gear in bulk you have to travel to Hong Kong and get it for cheap. In hind sight, it may not be too bad.  At least there is a fine excuse to get lost in Mong Kok, again… and again…and again... 

Big, big thanks to all the organizers, to  HKMU and all the volunteers!  Thank you too for the awesome photos!  These are old ones from the HKMU archives!

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