Friday, March 16, 2012

Killing time , tomorrow killing it !!!

So, today… trying to kill time walking around Mong Kok !  The goods are in and done. Tomorrow we'll be killing it ! I feel really psyched !  

Mr. Chuk of the "First Class Guest House" of Mirador Mansions, now has free Wi-Fi !  He's charging HK$ 265 per night and will only give you password for Wi-Fi after you pay !  Damn ! He slashed of HK$ 35 per night after seriously convincing him I'm always there yearly ! HA ! Seriously though, he's a pretty nice guy and works his butt off to make a good clean living.  Hats off to you Mr. Chuk !  

Walking around, we've discovered a lot of new sights and places to hang out on after the sun sets.  The Bay area around Tsim Sha Tsui was foggy but just enough for the night lights to cast long rays and "gaussian blurred" glows from signs and ambient building lights. We decided to take the "cultural" approach, an unusual angle to "comp" focused HK trip.  Sadly, I left my camera in our mansion room 1 so was unable to capture these scenes.  

Here's a few photos though our earlier "round the Mong Kok" walkabout.

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