Monday, April 9, 2012


The past week has been a quick recovery period.  A time to reflect on what's has gone by and what the future may hold.  For me, like my chalkbag, it's a time to wash up old rags and make them smell like new.  A short hiatus from climbing is indeed an eternity of too much thinking and a lot of open ended personal debates that sometimes are best consumed in moderation.  Well, all is not lost.  I've gained new body pains care of my new found friends.  

I've once again taken the spin doctors for a ride.  Moving near the mountains indeed provides lots of new outlets to burn all excess off.  I'm not talking about fats or calories.  It's always about the mind and keeping it from wandering off too far.  Of course there is also the benefit of getting in the burn.  I've scoped out the new areas I could take runs and rides on.  "Timberland", just by the sound of it rings a very nice tone.  I've visited this area many times before and moving to within a minute's spin is indeed a sweet reward!  The highly inclined, steep section they dubbed "the wall" has always been a main route for me.  A few years back, I joined the Timberland's  "King of the Mountain".  The route is notoriously steep.  I managed to squeak into a 2nd place podium finish for my first uphill competition.  Sweeeeetttt !!!  Well, that was all in the past, around 5 years in the past !  Now in the present though, after riding up that thing again… things felt a little bit different.  I think I slid under too much from the biking but I'm not all too stumped.  After all I'm not aiming for another uphill event.  I'm just in it for the burn.
So, not everyday can be a ride or a run…I've taken out these babies…courtesy of the old "INCA" holds company.  Suspension training !!! I've set-up some hangs and I've tested how they can be used to the max.  Waking up to sores everywhere, I'd say I think I'm getting it handed to me big time.  While I should be doing several sets at a time, I think I did less than what should be done but my body is complaining a bit.  At least I found what's effective.  Not bad for a holiday.  I'll be chalking up these lovely things in days to come.

All is not training mode ! There is time for just sitting back watching the moon, the falling leaves, the vivid colors at sunset…over a beer or two…it's all good.  The seasons change, the leaves on the Mahogany trees are falling.  The lenten season came and went.  I found new friends and am excited to share them but sadly, all is not as happy as I wish it would all end.  I lost a friend.  We lost a friend.  As I got the news a day after Easter…I almost wept.  I have a beer, my 2nd one.  He would have loved sharing his "Grande".  This one's for you Beau !  A toast to the end of seasons and the beginning of new ones…


Just to stop you from crying…
Is this cheezy or what !!!

A highly tensioned-off climber at that !  

I'm apologetic when I say I downed a few of these myself…
but not because of the packaging !

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