Monday, April 23, 2012

Timmmberrr !!!

That is exactly how I felt on the uphill junket that is “The Wall” on the snakey road up Timberland.  From Greenland to the Timberland Gate turnaround and back…my watch read 01:16:33.  Not sure if that is a good PB but at least it was a record set in good form.   The temptation to stop and walk it was subdued maybe mainly because I had the right motivation to go the distance and push it.  The run was a good one and overall on the Borg Scale it felt like a 13, not really easy, but not too hard that I pant and suck air like a drowning puppy struggling to learn how to swim.  It’s my 2nd run up that thing and it’s beginning to get comfortable.  Riding up on a roadie feels easier, running up that monster leadens the legs in a short count, 1,2,3,4,5…until you just can’t shake the lactic off and decide to call it quits.  My 1st run up there, I got whooped, chewed up and spitted out. It’s not the best feeling at all.

It’s a 4.1 Km uphill and back for a grand sum of 8.2 Km in 1:16:33. Not to get way too ahead of myself but that is almost 1/10th of a TNF 100.  O.k. better stop there.  The promise of such a thing is way beyond my goals this year.   Though the height gain is addictive I must say.  Plus the view is fantastic under the dying daylight.  The 6 o’clock habit is beginning to eat me up.  I’ll go for it again and if the PB gets any better it will be worth the write.  But just like what that sport chalet plate number frame I can't get to use on the car because it's too small but is now hanging on the cork board is saying, "I'd rather be climbing."  But again, if it's something I have to do, then it's something I have to do.  Makes sense.

On the bike, the winding  road towards Timberland feels like it’s too short.  The wall has once again begun to feel a little less intimidating.  There is a new route however that have become “My New Wall.”  It goes left before the uphill towards Timberland.  It feels longer and the hardest ascent is towards the last quarter of the ride.  I’m down to my granny and still my legs feel like they're about to shatter and my lungs are about to blow up.  It will be a match for sure.

I’m trying to tie down everything this April.  Do tremendous amounts of climbing, do insanely almost at my limit runs and rides…eating right (almost), drinking just about right (beer and sangria and wine does sound a bit alcholish but if in moderation – burrppp – could be good !).

01:14:16 to San Mateo Landfill Cut-Off
01:16:33 to Timberland Gates

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