Tuesday, May 22, 2012


"What's up?", she said.   "Nothin' much", I said.  "Same-same but different", just like what Wee, the old hippie at Tonsai always says.  I guess, we all see a glimpse of the past in the present.  We started something different at the old VX.  While the gym in itself lived only for 3 years, some of it's legacy lives on and though the memory of it carries some sour notes, I'm glad the steps were taken and I'm proud to say it was something brave.  

Xtian Guerrero and Cara Young at VX Boulder - Photo by Arturo Tuscano
Volumes of the past . . . - Photo by Arturo Tuscano

The Sport Climbing - PNG, Philippine National Games, will be off on June 9th-10th, 2012.  Steps are being taken so it becomes something worth immortality.  Together with POC-PSC, SCAPI, Power-Up/ROX, the next wave of competition climbing in the Philippines  is sure to take-off again.  Sure it's indoor, but the thing is . . . a hold is a hold . . . you pull on it and it's still called climbing. I'm a firm believer of getting in as much climbing as possible, indoor, outdoor, fun, serious, sport, trad, bouldering, lead . . . climbing is climbing.  

Volumes of the future…everything of the future looks big ! Coming to you at PNG !!!

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