Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Just like what it says!  I had a feeling the May 1 breeze along the hill sides of Timberland would make a run feel easier and less confronting.  It rained early afternoon and drenched the parched soil.  Cool temps at last ! The small town fiesta also provided the mental boost for the sweet PB.  Nothing like an "eat more, train more" mantra to help me get those legs pumpin'!  Ran a little bit slower on the uphill, 2-3 minutes slower but the legs and knees seem to have adapted a little bit more to the pounding downhill run.  Sshhwweeeetttt ! Nuff of that … back to climbing and counting down to Boulderactive.

Yuji Hirayama, legend.  He will be route setting for the Boulderactive 2012 !!! I've met him during my very first Asian Championships in 2000.  Shared the isolation zone with the guy which is up to this date  one of my fondest moments in competition climbing.  I'm stoked to be meeting him again soon.  He's a new age Samurai for sure ! I'ld like to fancy myself a samurai as well but I think I'm more Ninja . . .

It's time to bring out the secret weapon !!! . . .

Yep… just what the doctor ordered !!! One secret weapon coming up !!!
(something on the MTR billboards in the burrowed tunnels under Hong Kong)

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