Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3rd Asian Beach Games 2012 (Part 2)

Two more days.  Semis and finals coming up.  Only 4 problems in each of  the semi's and final's bouldering and just 1 more route for each of the lead semi's and final's.  Breaking it down further, there could be 32 moves on the boulder semi's and just about the same for the lead semi's.  Not so much 'ey!?  Along the way, playing with the numbers, there is just so many ways the variations can be.  Timing a move just right, adding the right momentum, gripping at the right possible time.  Everything plays a role.  Geeky math on the boulder problems and the routes will show just how many ways you should train and just how much engrams a climber has to accumulate.  The most interesting part... 1 bad move, 1 mistake is all that stands in the way of ultimate fruition.  The interesting world of competition climbing dwells so much in the mental game, confidence and familiarity to the many variables of on-sight climbing.  During on-sight bouldering, it's easy to miss out crucial holds and features and just go on straight to what you instantly see or feel.  How much of the mental stress can you handle?  How much of it can you carry while training constantly?  There is so much talk on staying in the moment of everything…to the guy in the game it sounds fairly easy.  I'm there and I understand, shutting off everything to gain just one focus, a step at a time.  Once you channel out though, look behind, look to the future…your mind will surely warp and think of the task as something daunting, huge to even start taking notes on.   Could there really be a mathematical formula to success or even an absolute scientific method? How much of this, how much of that, when to do this, when to do that?  The path is very diluted and getting to the pure essence is quite elusive.  The many books written also form part of the distraction, the age of online mining for resources also gives rise to many questions even as answers are revealed.  It's complicated, yet…climbing is, in essence, doing what it takes to get to the top.  I've taken time off and redirected most of my efforts to justify what really needs to be done.  The debate could be a long one for some but for those who truly understand, there is just one real solution.  Believe in what you need and believe in what you do.  The amounts of physical training is quantifiable to a point but what your mind offers and what your spirit can contribute is a huge trump card only you can harness.  Take it to where no one else  has taken it and for sure the impossible can be possible.

Here's a few scenes from the bouldering semi's and finals!

Part 3…
Soon ?!?

In the meantime …………………………………………….

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