Thursday, July 26, 2012

Project Argentina !!!

So…care enough to send your very best !?  Yeah . . . send me to Argentina aka Patagonia Country . . . yo no sé español, pero me envíe a la Argentina de todos modos

Petzl is celebrating its 10th Year Anniversary of Rock Trips.  This time they're heading down Argentina!  It's another of those places most famous for rock and more specifically PATAGONIAAA! Historical, historical ...  I just can't seem to shake off the previous one in Getu Valley in China.  The last one was more … closer to home so I can.  This one is off to the other side of the world.  It bit me and it's been on my mind for the longest time.  

O.k. so Petzl has this cool contest, but none for Asia right.  So I entered this one from the UK basically because it's got the only web page I can read!  Cool too they've linked it to Facebook.  So voting - liking - the photo I entered might … might get me there - problem is you have to be from the UK to have your entry legit!  Tagged my entry with - From:  San Mateo, Philippines … how cool is that !? Hahaha !!!  It's sweet ! Anyways here's the link:

I know…it's definitely a very, very long shot… but who cares right?  It's just plain fun to get all those votes, hahaha …and who knows?  Here's the photo I entered !  Colette McInerney on the honeycomb features under Getu's Big Arch - Getu Valley, China ! 

Yeah . . .  so go vote like A Muerte ! Have fun voting ! hahaha :)   

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