Monday, August 27, 2012

Nothing Ordinary

It's another start…Finally got the video bug workin'…Here's a short clip on something that could be true for most.  We're not all given the same kind of circumstances that surrounds our daily lives.  While we spend days on end sometimes dreaming of the next climbing trip, we sometimes do not get the time to go out right there and then for whatever reasons. That shouldn't mean we can't give the day something extraordinary or do something about the day feeling surreally slow and uneventful, even for a short while.  Realizing a big dream or a big goal starts with doing small things.  This video is small contribution to that idea.  It's not a training video, but something like a go in between expression and a "how to".  I hope you enjoy !  Ciao !


  1. is this your house? ang chillax naman! :) parang ako matutulog na lang kesa mag work-out pag ganyan...hahaha


    1. haha… there's no couch and there's a shortage of comfy chairs ! :) haha , there's still nothing inside !