Friday, August 31, 2012

Asian Beach Games (Part 3) . . . Finally !!!

Moi, on the semi-finals route.  Clipping on a crimp, one foot on . . . heavy ! Got sapped on this one !
One consolation in joining super caliber climbers battle it out on foreign land - super caliber photos !  The climbing isn't bad.  At most you climb 3 to 4 routes and 13 to 15 boulder problems.  That is if you get to the finals.  You get to the semis it's 2 to 3 routes and 9 to 10 problems.  Just show up for the qualifiers you get to go on 1 to 2 routes and 5 boulder problems.  All these in the span of 3 to 4 days.  It's probably low volume compared to one to two full days of climbing outdoors.  But hey, it's pitting yourself up with strong climbers worldwide and the learning process that counts.  I've been on the process for years and most probably a lot more to come.

Left:  Team Indonesia and Mean of Team Thailand with Team Philippines
Right:  Ninjas !

Not too difficult . . .

So, the process involves this…this…and this.  Maybe that. . . that. . . and that.  There is plenty to take in and to continue taking in everything you have to empty yourself sometimes.  It's always being able to see the other side of the coin and continue flipping thru all the pages.

The beast !

This is how you do it !

This is the second of many more official competition trips.  With the help of PSC and POC I'm sure The Philippine Climbing Team of the future will undoubtedly strengthen.  

Women's Difficulty Champs 

The Difficulty Champ - Hyun Bin 

A shortage of beer . . .

On the menu . . . worm larvae and crispy starfish

For dessert . . . crispy crawlers 

Made in China !

Finally getting out of the Athlete Village for a final celebration.

Liaison Officer for Team Philippines

Two Thumbs up - Korea, good job ! O.K. 
Routesetters with Team Philippines for a proper ending to the games

Parting Shot - Korea's FINEST with Team Philippines !

Finally it's done!  Competitions have a way of drowning you.  We've made very good effort in keeping  up with the scene but now it's time for some outdoor action !

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