Tuesday, September 4, 2012

*** Slayer (5 Stars)

Slayer is one of the many routes bolted by Roel Tan "Bubut" Torres, most notably known as father of the sport climbing generation in the Philippines.  Slayer remains as one of the 5 STAR routes in Wawa, Montalban ever since 1996.  In the early years it was graded 5.10b then upgraded to 5.11b and then several times again received several grade changes.  Such maybe the case of well known routes, it doesn't matter now really.  What's notable about the route is it's perfect line.  It may not make the short list of King Lines but it most definitely is a classic, a definite must do route when you visit Wawa, Montalban.  It's jugs all the way on it's consistently overhanging wave to the top.  The area has a good vista of the river boulders.  In the latter years it received an extension - Dragon Slayer 7b/+.  It's only 3 more bolts but these last three rests on the steeper angle of the rock.  Further extension or possibly a more difficult variation to the route can still be made. I haven't gotten to fully inspecting the rock but will do so on the next trip up.

Kat  moving towards the crux of "Slayer"

View of the River Boulders from the Slayer Area

Ia Lapid on the crux of "Slayer"

Field Report:

"Mucho Barro!"  The trail is still muddy but not that impossible.  It's a bit epic looking for the trail after so many of the greenery have eaten up the old paths.   Get your approach shoes on for this season.  The trail vanishes quite easily from sight specially on the way down when you're not paying attention to turns and all you think about is "just as long as it's going down." You might find yourselves taking long detours,  I personally don't mind the view when you get lost, sometimes it gives a vantage point you can only see on these hidden turns.

Slayer is best climbed very early in the morning.  The area gets direct sunlight right after midday.  Several other routes are also in the area so there's plenty for everyone.

Word of note:  There are some locals who are continually chipping a tunnel into the lower cave right under "Climber in a Hole".  Also the approach towards "El Kanto" is blocked by a bamboo fence  but there is an opening further down the trail, just follow the fence.

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