Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Scene

Nope, not about the climbing video.  And yep, haven't seen it yet, but would definitely sit down and watch it while there isn't any climbing action coming up in a while.  The gym should fill the void in the meantime.  Asian Beach Games too will be coming up.... time to do some training ...  maybe a lot of training ...

In the meantime, I've done a little bit more of photo screening.  There are videos cooking in the oven as well.  I'd rather be out there hacking it, but I've left the only crash pad I have in Baguio.  It will find the boulders up there a better home than fattening up around here.  I'll try though to make a new one and come out bouldering just in time for the season.  Meanwhile I might hang on the rope, shoot some more, stay local for a while ... I think I owe the local crag a good footage!  We'll try to get on that "Diamond Head".  Shoot and gun the rope for a nice burn.  There may be some more lines possible up that headwall.  I feel I might have sharpened my eyes already and possibly spot some progression up there! Psyched !

Here's a few more edits from the last trip !


  1. Hey Dennis!

    how have you been? You have a nice blog with really nice pictures! Keep it up man!

    Jay from Singapore

    1. Hi Jay !

      Thanks man ! I got a little bit brave this time ! I'll see you hopefully soon ! Cheers Jay !