Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beam Me Up Scotty !

It's one of those special days . . . rainy, dark, the biting cold, the wet kind, the time usually best used for a rest day but my mind can't seem to shake off the "sending feel".  The slow days have been really, really good.  I think it started last Wednesday, going thru the motions of the daily grind and then pushing at night in the climbing gym.  Climbing felt like gushing water.  Not the turbulent kind yet strong and powerful like fluid music, it gets to your core and just keeps you moving.  I'm pleased at the progress of my recovery and the gains I've made to my climbing in the last few weeks.  Sad though I can't instantly be  at the crag to uncage everything.  "Beam me up Scotty!", is just way too futuristic.  Bad timing…I've some 3 more months before weather starts to get better.  It's been a busy first half of the year.  Mostly indoors and competitions.  I find myself staring at my fingertips and just start to wonder how nice it will be to get them babies on real rock.  I'm itching to do a project again!  Finally it's back!  A Darth Vadery feel - a presence in the force I haven't felt since . . . it has been too long and now I'm excited to push a little bit fuh-tha.  Sustaining this until the weather gets better will be a challenge !

In the meantime . . . 6 days of work . . .

 Next up . . . the secret formula !

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