Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 2 - Sport Climbing PNG

It ended on a sweet note.  Champions were made that day,  not the ones who stood on the podium but those who made it all happen.  All those who came, all those who saw, all those who held the rope, all those who created the routes, all the sponsors . . . there are just too many to mention.  Like a well oiled machine, the competition ran smooth and I believe when I say "that's the Way", Musashi Miyamoto would agree. It sounds ambitious at this point, however, to again try to conjure up something that would equal or rival this new upheaval but there is just that which pinoyclimbing can cling to.  We did slid down a bit in terms of progression in the competition scene in the last few years but there is still the spirit.  In the light of international standards for climbing I find it amusing to see ourselves as Daffy Duck, or that Wily Coyote.  We keep chasing after the prize but in the end we end up short changed and sometimes on the verge of giving up and at most times getting hurt. Nevertheless, we're all warriors 'till the end, not totally sport savvy but much less than brutish barbarians spurred by an unending quest for the ultimate climbing experience.  

The future is up to the younger generations to fill up, but I've made up my mind just now, I will try to hold up the fort for as long as I can.  I've seen climbers come and go and that maybe the common way and sometimes the rational thing to do, such is the trend in Southeast Asia.  The many reasons for such won't find it's way in here but I understand, I always do. I'd rather go the opposite direction though.  Playing the game, no matter what, has always been in these veins.  Call it what you may, but it doesn't change a thing.  To me all this is super positive and remaining brave will always be good.  Climbing has changed my perception of everything, leaving it behind or even shoving it inside a box for a time is simply too much to bear. 

I'll do what I have to.  Living the dream of climbing until my last breath may sound all too mellow dramatic and quite tinged with a little bit of sadness like a love story bound to end on a bitter chapter but it's not at all like that.  It's simply "The Way," a happy road with smiles and strength, of passion of dealing with bumps head on without any pretense.   Meeting people who will indelibly leave marks on you continually, making you whole the more you go further.  Masters have gone on this road, sometimes being marred by posters on both sides of the street, words spinning around the market place...all you have to do is brace down, hold your swords tight and be prepared for challenges, duels...and one more thing acceptance of losing to someone better will be the proper way to go.  

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