Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Bed Weather"

Fatima Niones figuring how to get out of "Bed Weather"

Finally a report from the frontlines . . . Whilst today was a bit of a short session, we've managed to pull off a fine morning at the boulders,  more like at one boulder, at Wawa, Montalban.  The cool temps of the early January morning allowed us to comfortably hike up river and scout for unfound lines.  It's amazing to discover Wawa's select few still has more to offer. I've once thought that we've wringed dry the bouldering possibilities of the area, yet again we found ourselves enjoying bouldering on a new line. The changing landscape of the riverbed due to the rising and falling of the water level changes topography on a yearly basis.  It's sweet to discover new surprises.

We arrived at Aling Norma's Eatery just past 7 in the morning. First thing of note were the drastic changes. A newly built multi-purpose hall now fronts the store and it is now banked left and right with new "sari-sari" stores.  We almost felt alien if weren't for Aling Norma's same familiar demeanor. Her canteen may have changed much in terms of layout but the menu and the atmosphere of the place is still laced with the same homey familiarity that goes back more than a decade.

Bed Weather", the new addition to the boulder list at Wawa can be found near the river bank about halfway distance to "Redemption" Area from the parking lot.  It's under the huge rubber tree that looks like wrapping it's roots over the boulder.  It's an eight move problem with  very nice sequence,  not necessarily evil, but just enough to get you started.  Unfortunately that was all we got to do . . . start the day.  Our "one problem a day" was enough though to send us on our way in welcoming the incoming "Dragon" year of 2012.  Firey as it may sound though, our attempts in prolonging our spree was doused by rain just 2 hours into our efforts.  

We waited out the drizzle that turned into slightly more than just a drizzle for about an hour before making a run for it to Aling Norma's.  Coffee and an extended breakfast soon ensued.  Fats came home for the holidays from the UK, Alex "Paw" was eager for bouldering, and I was excited to try out the new 28 f1.8 and do some outdoor action myself, everyone was psyched!  We didn't thought we'd be spending our time staring at the rain hoping for it to stop.  All is well though, at least we all got to spend some quality time laughing and talking about things useless. 


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