Friday, January 6, 2012

Throwback . . . to the Future

"Tidal Wave", Tonsai, Karbi

There is nothing like a proper throwback to slingshot into the future ! The thought played too much in my head and I decided it's too yesterday's style too fully commit into.  But there is this photo I took with my newly acquired 28 f1.8.  The photo is a photo is of me climbing on a route in Tonsai, Krabi.  "Tidal Wave" was too much of a classic not to try.  Maybe it's even that old photo I saw of Francois Legrand on the same route that led me to believe it was a must.  

Anyways, that episode in my climbing "career" is more than a decade old. I really started climbing fairly late by most standards.  In 1998 I joined my first Nationals.  I was barely four months into climbing and I  immediately wanted to make it into every finals to make up for the years that I hesitated to take up climbing.  

2012.  Changes.  Though the climbing DNA is now hard wired into my system, I've been finding myself  fulfilling a different role.  For sure there was a moment's hesitation before jumping into this new role, but something told me I shouldn't.  Hesitation is an enemy.  What I can attribute starting late in climbing to lack of "Facebook" back then should not be the same reason why I shouldn't jump on a coaching role for today's younger climbers.   It's about being brave mostly.  While the role presents ups and down, there is always new rewards.  To taste those rewards I've learned to brave the unknown once again but in a different sort way.  What I'm learning the hard way . . . there is no wrong or right . . . there is only courage and like I said it's about being brave.  

Chito Loyzaga, Ina Flores, Me & Peping Cojuanco during the PSC Awardings

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