Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not good enough . . .

Yep... I guess I got too carried away with being too super positive on the capabilities of the old wide angle extender.  1st a wide open lens blurrs the majority of the you're forced to stop down, use a smaller f-stop.  This becomes very difficult in very low light conditions and taking action shots.  There is a huge compromise on ISO and apperture . . . I hate compromises !  2nd under bright light the lens is subject to huge amounts of glare.  It does become challenging to balance.  On the lighter side, it does present some character that can't be expected from top notch lenses.  It will for sure be a demanding piece of equipment.  I'm not about to throw it away just yet. I still think it can be made use of aside from paper weight.  On hind sight... it's either it's not really good or I'm just sour graping because I still suck on making it work. More practice !  Practice ! PRACTICE ! Better work on it before the Ambongdolan trip !  Here's a few snaps for practice...


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