Sunday, August 17, 2008



Hola!  It´s no use for me now remembering what day it is so I think it´s best I change the headings on this blog.  I´m in Barcelona for a night before heading out to Rodellar.  The car hire office is closed on Sundays so I think it´s a good enough reason  to check out the local scene.  I´m at a backpacker´s inn and its so cool here!  Hope my room mates are o.k. Haven´t seen them yet.  I´ll go down La Rambla later and have a cerveza!

Well, Ceuse was a blast!  I can´t explain how much it has given me.  New friends, new highs, new´s just so enormous.  I finished "La Privilege du Serpent" in plenty of time to enjoy the other routes.  It took me 8 tries to finish it.  It felt good and I hope i could push myself even further in Rodellar.  The last day at Ceuse was probably the best.  I was climbing without thinking of finishing anything.  The day started with me falling on the 2nd clip of a 6c+.  Then a flash for "Super Mickey" a 7b, I think, and then just before leaving an onsight of "Vagabond" a 7c.  Finishing "La Privilege Du Serpent" was definitely harder and fulfilling for me but the onsight of "Vagabond" was more delightful.  I wasn´t thinking of finsihing it one go but it eventually did.  It feels so grand.  Grades at Ceuse are meaningless.  The variety of climbing will eventually reveal to you your weaknesses and strengths.  Sometimes there are routes which are graded higher which I feel are easier.  I´m weak on slabs in Ceuse.  The overhanging routes feel easier for me.  I did enjoy climbing on the slabs and for me has taught me good lessons but playing on my stregnths felt so natural.

I will miss Ceuse and I hope to visit it again.  

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