Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 10

Day 10

Rest day today, well almost.  I'm still thinking of climbing something easy today or maybe not so easy...  Orpierre has been truly great.  It is truly a perfect place to start your first climbing trip to Europe or to France.  It is very comfortable. Everything is so close; the post office, the internet at the tourst office, a swimming pool for a hot day and a good bar to go to after a long day at the cliffs.

My time here is done and tomorrow i'll be off to Ceuse.  I've done with whatever I started out to do, Meme Pas Mal is a classic 7c after all and it felt really good.  Bookarai Banzai an 8a is also a fantstic route and though I only linked its moves, felt not so difficult.  Its unfortumate my time with it is not enough.  I did one try on it just before the day ended just as it was getting dark.  Im sure though that Ceuse will have more routes to be amazed on.  Whats difficult might be getting up from sleep and hiking up the cliff for an hour or so. 

Well,  the line here for the internet is quite long.  Theres only one terminal and so I have to end quickly. 

Au revoir!

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