Monday, August 11, 2008

Day ?

Day ?

Viola!  Am in Gap, an hour away from Ceuse.  I don't exactly know what day it is now.  I lost count already.   It rained today at 1:30 p.m. I'm glad I woke up early today to do some more climbing at the Cascade area.  It is in the shade only in the morning and so it's a must to go up the cliff while it's still cool.  I've been hiking up that cliff for three days now and everyday seems to present new things for me.  I'm also constantly changing climbing partners as most of them leave or have another schedule to keep.  It's interesting to be with different people.  Sm still so stoked by all of this. 

Yesterday we went almost the whole length of Ceuse.  From the overhangging cliffs of the Cascade area, to Biographie and the Demi Lune.  Realization is indeed an inspiring route.  I think the start isn't at all impossible.  Given time I think some pinoyclimber could take up the task.  To do it though would take a lot of patience and hard work.

Also I was able to watch this lovely french climber hike up a technical route.  She is so hot!  Reminds me of a friend but my friend is lovelier for sure!  Hehehe...   it's only today that I saw her picture in a climbing magazine.  Turns out she is a star here and is a sponsored climber. 
Tres bien …

I've been falling off "Le previlage ..."  for 5 times now.  The route is a dynamic one.  Holds are quite massive but far apart.  The crux is at the very top and so it has a very mental aspect for me.  I'm already familiar with all the moves and all of the different pumps on it.  Resting before the crux move isn't at all restfull for me and as soon as I leave for the crux I can almost feel the pump surging back fast. 

I've also tried some slabs and to be honest they scare me more.  The long runs for the bolts go up to 3 meters and some routes sometimes 4 meters.  I don't mind falling on an overhangging route but the thought of falling on a slab is quite nerve wracking.  Still though I try everything and for every one route I finish brings me closer to facing more and more of my weaknesses.

It's amazing here in Ceuse. It is truly overwhelming.  At first it shrinks you and then the next, it presents you itself in a very opposite way.  It welcomes you and draws you closer to itself and makes you want to come back.  The cold 1 hour hikes to the cliff is tiring but once you're there its always a grand feeling.  The people at the cliff become friends and the feeling of being alone is replaced with closeness.  Words can't fully cover the meaning of climbing in Ceuse. 

Well, I have to go.  My friend is waiting for me at the town center.  It's easy to get rides here. Just be friends with everyone and for sure you'll get the right ride on the right time.  
Ciao!  Au revoir!

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