Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 4

Day 4

ça va ! Bonjour!  Je suis a droit, a gouche, Orpierre, Laragne, Sisteron, Gap, Grenoble. Boucoup adorable! Its been a very lovely 4 days now!  Je un amie adorable boucoup!  Hehehe.  Just kidding! 

The routes are long and pumpy.  I'm not far from my comfort zone just yet, though I've awakened with sore muscles with just two days of climbing.  Today is my third day of climbing with my rest day just yesterday.  My skin have grown quite a bit and so I might try and push myself today but nothing too far from what is to me something that would come naturally. 

I'm climbing with a Belgian guy, Fredrick, and we always meet up at the cliffs.  He's like 6 foot tall and so there is quite a difference in climbing style.  Slowly I hope my fingers would be able to last longer on the crimps.  The harder routes aren't so forgiving. 

As for  the house, I'm living with two old Polish guys who are working on Stash's house.  Stash has left for Poland and I'm left with his uncle and friend who don't speak a word of english.  I'm left with a book on polish and have learned "dobry" which means "good" and "jutro" which means "tomorrow" which I always use to fend of consecutive shots of vodka! I did some work on the house yesterday.  Did some shovelling to help out in building the house. 

Au revoir!

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