Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 8

Day 8

Bonjour ! ça va ! Aujourd'hui, senti superb ! C'est mieux, I am beginning to get used to the climbing here.  The pain in the finger tips has begun to be tolerable and the height of the routes is becoming common to me.  I'm slowly making my way up the difficulty of the  climbs and no longer hesitant in taking long falls.  There's a route now I've come to be attached with, "Meme Pas Mal". I've tried it three times now and close to finishing. Its very consistent all thoughout and has managed to make me grunt on its many moves.  I think though what kept me from doing it is the thought of finishing it insteqd of just doing it.  It always creeps out when you don't want it to and that's when you're two moves away from finishing. Hope tomorrow comes naturally for me.

Tres Bien …

The beginning of the day was enchanting too.  Sent some postcards and am happy to say, managed to speak some french. Although I did speak it and got to let the lady know what I needed to do, I didn't understood a word she said afterwards.  The postcards got stamped and am happy to get a few lovely smiles from the people lining up behind me.  Specially from une fille boucoupe jolie et boucoupe adorable en bureau de poste, mais ma français est faible et brouillé...oh well...

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